Worlds Within Worlds

"As soon as I reached G-d ’s unity, I became a bird whose body was of Oneness and whose wings were of Everlastingness. I went on flying until I reached the expanse of eternity and gazed upon the Tree of Oneness" - Abu Yazid Bastami – 9th Century Sufi Poet

Meditation can be a beautiful entry point to visualization. It acts to still the mind and settle the body, making possible a clearer intent. Through it, one can be guided to entering an inner space of tranquility and greater connectedness. It is from this still center, that one may safely be taken on an inner journey.

Visualization and meditation help us to more easily access our intuitive natures and gain insight into our daily living where our spirits can rejoice in the freedom to explore. Working in this way we give ourselves the possibility of recognizing and connecting with hitherto unknown agendas and motivations. It’s also a perfect opportunity to give credence and respect to our creative minds in a very left-brained society.

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