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To order prints on archival paper or canvas, as well as cards, postcards or posters, please contact us and quote the image name from gallery and the quantity and size you would like. We will get in touch with you about availability, costs and delivery time. 



Fiona is a visionary artist and her work is highly valued for both the quality and the experience viewers have in relation to the pieces. If there is a particular piece that you are interested in, please fill out the contact form..

Fiona doesn't do traditional commissions but if you would like Fiona to create a piece for a specific place, we are happy to liaise with you about the options. 



Fiona is based in Devon in the United Kingdom. If you would like to invite Fiona as a guest speaker or facilitator, please get in touch with us with further details. 


Private Sessions

If you would like to arrange a private session, Fiona is available for 1-1 Skype sessions. Please see the bookings page for further details.


Visionary Art Collective

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