Bursting with a vibrancy that has surpassed the meaning of talent. Larger than life, this is an indulgence of beauty harmonizing perfect precision in colorful rhyme. Pure Brilliance.
— I.M From the most recent exhibition

Recent Exhibitions: ‘COMING HOME’ and ‘DAY OF THE HUMMINGBIRD’

The most recent exhibitions of paintings and embroidery sculpture

These exhibitions represent a visionary journey to what Fiona terms 'the true home'; the inner place where one resides - the place beyond time and space that is specific to one's resonance. It also represents a new chapter in Fiona's life, away from her physical home of origin in Zimbabwe and away from the city of her heart, Cape Town. It has been a creative journey that has offered a deeper insight and meaning as to what 'Home' actually represents.

The  work is available for the first time, many are currently for sale or may be purchased as high quality archival prints. Please get in touch if you would like to order.