Creative Quantum Leaping

Every breath we take links us into this incredible, shared story of Life; a story where we are part of an ecosystem that pulses creativity and whose every aspect is interrelated and intertwined; where all life is striving to thrive at every level!

This is a time during which Humankind appears to be swept almost helplessly on a relentless tide of new technological advancement and innovation. Many are finding themselves feeling lost, unable to keep up or maintain balance at the speed of this change. The sense of being disassociated from direct, visceral connecting and social interaction is resulting in a distancing from our authentic nature. Even though the internet is making it possible to connect in previously unimagined ways, unless we use this experience in a balanced way, it has the potential to swing us into an extreme and unnatural dependency. We can now, more than ever, benefit, both collectively and consciously, from accessing and tapping into the greater mind with all its aspects and flow and the wisdom of our higher hearts.

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