Connecting With Nature’s Wisdom Through Trees

Trees are one of this world’s greatest joys and blessings. They soar to the heavens, stabilize the soil through their vast root systems, are the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet and blanket mountains, creating cloud forest reserves with wide varieties of biodiversity. Trees provide habitat and food and have stood as sentinels to our changing history for millennia. They inspire with their unique beauty and spellbinding majesty. They define areas by weaving their ancient branches and roots between moss and lichen-covered rocks. Trees evoke stillness and a profound sense of presence and place. They evoke gratitude and humility and when in blossom can fragrance the air for miles. There are those trees whose antiquity sobers the least reverent whilst imparting intoxicating soul teachings. Trees are a symbol of Life.

The wisdom and example given by trees invite words of profound love and respect at the same time reminding us of our beautiful home planet and its fragile ecosystem. They teach us to connect deeply and meaningfully. Through their example, we see intricate root systems that not only secure the tree body above ground but form an extensive communication network, imparting and receiving information. One tree may be seen to be standing alone but beneath the surface, it is connected to a collaborative system that supports natures further growth. This example and knowledge remind us that we are all connected, and through every experience, are sharing understanding and insight on the same ground, whilst learning the truth, that love is at the core of everything.

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