Breathtaking glimpse of the possible.
— M.W From Day of the Hummingbird

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After over 40 years of creating with colour and light, Fiona has also been a writer and teacher throughout her career. Here are some glimpses of the articles, publications and interviews of her life's work until now.

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My story with embroidery began in Cornwall in the early 80’s when we were holidaying as a family. During a quiet moment, I rested against a large oak tree and whilst settled with eyes closed, I suddenly had a vision of embroidery set into stained glass. This vision stayed with me and on returning home I shared it with a friend in Oxford who was an embroiderer. I on the other hand was not, and asked her to show me a few basic stitches. The story then took on a life of its own. That was over 35 years ago.

The approach I have to creative expression, has been to face the blank canvas, so to speak, with a sense of being empty and without expectation. In other words, I’ve learned to let go of the desire for a particular outcome and simply enter the flow of creative journeying with a sense of playfulness, trust, and childlike wonder. Read More



This is a time during which Humankind appears to be swept almost helplessly on a relentless tide of new technological advancement and innovation. Many are finding themselves feeling lost, unable to keep up or maintain balance at the speed of this change. The sense of being disassociated from direct, visceral connecting and social interaction is resulting in a distancing from our authentic nature. Even though the internet is making it possible to connect in previously unimagined ways, unless we use this experience in a balanced way, it has the potential to swing us into an extreme and unnatural dependency. We can now, more than ever, benefit, both collectively and consciously, from accessing and tapping into the greater mind with all its aspects and flow and the wisdom of our higher hearts. Read More


Imagine there was a time when we had a highly developed awareness of the subtler levels of energy and were able to discern and see the colors around and permeating all living things, enabling us to understand how everything in life connected, interpenetrated and interacted with itself – a time when we felt we belonged and understood the language of color, using this knowledge with profound honouring and respect for all life. We knew that life was sacred and as a result, lived responsibly, ensuring that our thoughts and subsequent actions helped to maintain the natural balance and harmony where possible. Read More


Trees are one of this world’s greatest joys and blessings. They soar to the heavens, stabilize the soil through their vast root systems, are the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet and blanket mountains, creating cloud forest reserves with wide varieties of biodiversity. Trees provide habitat and food and have stood as sentinels to our changing history for millennia. They inspire with their unique beauty and spellbinding majesty. They define areas by weaving their ancient branches and roots between moss and lichen-covered rocks. Trees evoke stillness and a profound sense of presence and place. They evoke gratitude and humility and when in blossom can fragrance the air for miles. There are those trees whose antiquity sobers the least reverent whilst imparting intoxicating soul teachings. Trees are a symbol of Life. Read More



"As soon as I reached G-d ’s unity, I became a bird whose body was of Oneness and whose wings were of Everlastingness. I went on flying until I reached the expanse of eternity and gazed upon the Tree of Oneness" - Abu Yazid Bastami – 9th Century Sufi Poet

Meditation can be a beautiful entry point to visualization. It acts to still the mind and settle the body, making possible a clearer intent. Through it, one can be guided to entering an inner space of tranquility and greater connectedness. It is from this still center, that one may safely be taken on an inner journey. Visualization and meditation help us to more easily access our intuitive natures and gain insight into our daily living where our spirits can rejoice in the freedom to explore. Working in this way we give ourselves the possibility of recognizing and connecting with hitherto unknown agendas and motivations. It’s also a perfect opportunity to give credence and respect to our creative minds in a very left-brained society. Read More

Colour Meditation: This Colour Journey of the Heart has been truly blessed and gifted with the use of some of the world's most exquisite Music : "Devi Prayer" from the album ' 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine" - by Craig Pruess and Ananda

Silent Meditation by Fiona Almeleh Creation - Breathing Colour

A collection of clips from various television programs since the 1990's

Course Facilitator, Transformational Life Coach, Public Speaker, Empathic Diviner, Intuitive Healer, Creative Colour and Art Therapist, Author, Poet and Artist.