Creative, intuitive and inspired - seldom does one still find an artist who follows his or her heart as fully and as unconditionally as Fiona does.
— Janet Botes

Fiona Almeleh

Fiona was born in what was previously known as Salisbury, Rhodesia and later became Harare, Zimbabwe. She has since resided in South Africa, Scotland and England. Her life is fully dedicated to living creatively in the higher heart and facilitating others to do the same.

Fiona qualified as a fine and graphic artist in Natal, South Africa in the 1970’s and turned to publishing and illustrating in the 80’s. From the early 90’s she trained as a Colour Therapist and honed her gift of Intuitive Healing.

For over two and a half decades, Fiona has facilitated and consulted with students and clients from different parts of the world. She has run numerous workshops, designed, illustrated and authored several books as well as being cited in several articles and publications. 

Fiona is highly regarded for her integrity and has established a reputation as a clear and compassionate Empathic Mentor and Intuitive Artist. Her specialist wisdom is around the Integrated Self and she shares her gifts as a speaker, course facilitator, spiritual counsellor, intuitive healer and writer. 

With appearances on television and radio programmes, Fiona is invited to speak about her understanding of the energetic world that is exquisitely reflected within her art.




'I can't remember a time when I wasn't seeing, listening and feeling deeply. There has always felt like something was begging to be uncovered; played with; explored and seen. Something that was just beyond my immediate, physical field of vision. Throughout my life I have had this sense of being enticed; invited to let go again and again of accumulated mind babble, constructed images, ideas and all that constricts. Rather, the invitation has been to abandon myself, through creativity, to the unknown and dip my awareness into ever more subtle realms. Realms that so closely overlap our three dimensional experience and may be accessed through our innate, creative expression.

To this end, I have learned to completely trust the process in the moment and, as a result I never plan my art. I simply allow an organic flow to move through. Each piece becomes a celebration, if you like, of this deeply personal collaboration with the unseen. This has been one of my greatest teachers and for the most part, taught me to trust and have faith that there is always something more.. It has truly been a journey of the heart. My dance has been with light and colour and they continue to be the muses of my soul.' - Fiona Almeleh